Best Laptops for DJ Artists

The Ultimate Quest for the Best DJ Laptop

When you’re on the hunt for the best laptops for a DJ, there are endless choices. Are you confused? Don’t be. Our expert guide is here to help you. You can use a range of DJ software like Serato, Traktor, or Virtual DJ. But remember, the one thing you can’t change is the laptop you choose.

What’s Consistent?

No matter what kind of DJ setup catches your eye, you need a dependable laptop. From Serato to Ableton, the laptop is the heart of the show. What should you focus on when picking the best laptops for a DJ? Stick around, we’re getting to that juicy part soon!

Music Production vs. DJing

Have you spotted the similarities between the best laptops for DJing and those for music production? You’re sharp! Indeed, many features overlap. A single machine often suffices for both roles. But hold on, there are key differences you should know about.

Curious to find out? Great! Because our top recommendations are just around the corner. So, are you ready to delve deeper into your ideal DJ laptop?

This section aims to keep readers glued to the page by using cliffhangers and directly addressing their needs. The language is straightforward, and it abides by the MECE framework, ensuring the information is mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive.

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Apple M1 13-inch MacBook Air (2020): A DJ’s Best Friend on Tour

best laptops for a dj

Are you looking for the ultimate balance of power and portability in the best laptops for a DJ? Your search ends with Apple’s M1 MacBook Air.

What’s Under the Hood?

Packed with an M1 CPU, this machine boasts 8GB to 16GB of RAM and a storage range from 256GB to a whopping 1TB SSD. What does this mean? It’s ready to run any major DJ app you throw at it. But here’s the catch—what about the ports?

The Good and the Not-So-Good


  • Super light and easy to carry around
  • A powerful M1 chip that doesn’t flinch


  • Limited ports
  • No fan could be a downside for some apps

Curious? You should be! Most leading DJ software runs smoothly on the M1 chip, including giants like Serato Pro and rekordbox DJ. Even if your preferred software isn’t M1-optimized yet, Apple’s Rosetta 2 has got you covered.

Why It’s Ideal for Touring DJs

Imagine this: You’re always on the go, hopping between airports and trains. Good news—the MacBook Air’s battery life lasts up to 18 hours. But wait, what if you need more ports?

Some Caveats to Consider

Just two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports—yes, that’s all it has. If you’re eyeing a simple DJ setup, it’s manageable. For a more elaborate rig, you might need an extra hub. Does it sound like a deal-breaker? Hold on, there’s more!

Storage: Don’t Cut Corners

The basic model starts with 256GB storage, which could be better for a DJ’s extensive music library. Our advice? Upgrade that SSD, especially if you intend this to be your best laptop for artists.

So, is the M1 MacBook Air your ultimate DJ companion? Well, it packs a punch in a slim frame. Stay tuned because we’re just getting started on helping you find the best laptops for a DJ.

Acer Swift 3: Your Windows Powerhouse Without Breaking the Bank

best laptops for a dj

Looking for an affordable but powerful option among the best laptops for a DJ? Acer Swift 3 says, “Look no further!”

What’s Inside This Machine?

Guess what? You can choose from Intel Core i3 to i7 chips. RAM options vary between 8GB and 16GB, and storage? Up to 1TB SSD. These specs promise you won’t be short on power. But what makes this stand out?

What’s to Love and What’s Not?


  • Packs a punch for your buck
  • Variety of ports to choose from


  • The display could be better
  • The sound quality is just okay

Hold on! Are you wondering how it stacks against Apple’s MacBook Air? You’re about to find out.

Your Money Goes Further

Compared to its Apple counterpart, Swift 3 offers more for your money, especially with its 11th Gen Intel chips. Plus, a mix of ports, including USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 and HDMI, adds flexibility. Sounds like the whole package, right? Well, almost.

Where It Falls Short

The display and onboard sound aren’t as sharp as what you’d find in a MacBook. A deal-breaker? Not if you’re in the DJ booth. Interested? You should be!

Is Acer Swift 3 the Best Laptop for Artists Too?

If you’re an artist and a DJ, you might find this laptop versatile but slightly lacking in the display department. So, what’s the final verdict?

Find out as we unravel more options for the best laptops for a DJ and decide which one resonates with your needs.

Dell XPS 13 OLED: A Pocket Rocket Without the Apple Price Tag

best laptops for a dj

Looking for the best laptops for a DJ that rival a MacBook Pro but cost less? Dell XPS 13 OLED is screaming, “I’m here!”

What’s Inside the Box?

Hold on, you get an 11th Gen Intel Core i5 to i7 CPU, 8GB to 32GB RAM, and even an OLED screen option! What else? A whopping 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD for all your tracks and mixes.

Why You Should Get It and Why Maybe Not


  • Cheaper than a MacBook Pro but almost as powerful
  • Can handle DJ software and advanced production apps


  • Not many ports
  • It might be overkill for just DJing

So, What Makes It Special?

It’s powerful enough for DJing and music production like its Apple counterparts. Yet, it’s lighter on your wallet. Sounds perfect.

Any Downsides?

However, just like the Macs, it doesn’t have many ports. There are only two Thunderbolt/USB C ones! But wait, it has a Micro SD card slot for extra storage. Intriguing, right?

Is It a Good Laptop for Music Production?

If you’re into music production, too, this is like hitting two birds with one stone. But do you need all that power for just DJing?

Stay tuned as we explore the best laptops for a DJ. Will Dell XPS 13 OLED be the one that hits all the right notes for you?

Apple 14-inch MacBook Pro: A Beast for DJs and Producers

best laptops for a dj

Hey DJs, ever wish for a laptop that can do it all? From dropping beats to producing tracks, let’s see if this MacBook Pro is the dream machine among the best laptops for a DJ.

What’s in this Beast?

  • CPU: Apple M1 Pro/M1 Max
  • RAM: Starts at 16GB, can go up to 64GB
  • Storage: Starts at 512GB, expandable to 8TB!

Why Get It or Skip It?


  • Crazy powerful.
  • A ton of storage space.


  • It’s a bit heavy.
  • It might be too much for just DJing.

What Makes It Different?

This laptop isn’t just any MacBook; it’s a Pro with Apple’s new M1 Pro or M1 Max chips. These chips make it way more powerful than the MacBook Air. Have you got more than DJing in mind? This laptop might be your all-in-one machine.

What About the Ports?

Good news! Unlike some Macs, this one has a bunch of ports: three Thunderbolt 4/USB-C ports and even separate HDMI and SDXC card ports. Handy, right?

Is It Worth the Weight?

Although it’s heavier than the Air, it won’t feel like a ton of bricks at 3.5 pounds.

Is It Overkill?

Okay, this machine is pretty beastly. Do you need all this for just DJing? Or is it the perfect match for your professional ambitions?

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Stick around as we dive deeper into the best laptops for a DJ. Could the MacBook Pro be too good for its own good?

Asus VivoBook S: The Budget-Friendly Choice

best laptops for a dj

Hey there, DJs on a budget! Looking for a laptop that won’t break the bank but still makes the cut for the best laptops for a DJ? Let’s find out if the Asus VivoBook S is your go-to gadget.

What’s Inside This Machine?

  • CPU: Choose between AMD or Intel Core i5/i7
  • RAM: 8GB to 16GB
  • Storage: Ranging from 256GB to 1TB SSD

What’s Good and What’s Not?


  • Super light and easy to carry
  • Respectable power for your bucks
  • A good mix of ports


  • Might not handle advanced tasks like a pro

Is This the Basic DJ Laptop for You?

The VivoBook S series is generally more for home use, but it does pack enough punch for basic DJing. Plus, its slim design is pretty handy for taking on the road.

Can You Upgrade It?

Yes! The RAM and storage can be bumped up to 16GB and 1TB, respectively. All this while keeping your wallet pretty happy.

What About the Graphics?

Sadly, it doesn’t have dedicated graphics. So, think twice if you’re into creating visuals or gaming on the side.

Is It Enough for You?

So, is the VivoBook S all you need for your DJing gigs, or will you be left wanting more? The choice is yours, but one thing’s for sure: it’s a contender for the best laptops for a DJ on a budget.

Still curious about other options? Stay tuned as we explore more laptops suited for all kinds of DJs!

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4: The Sleek Mid-Range Performer

Best Laptops for DJ Artists

Hey, DJs! Do you fancy a sleek laptop that comfortably manages your playlists and beats? Meet the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4—a mid-range laptop aiming for your DJ setup.

What’s Inside This Beauty?

  • CPU: Choose between AMD or Intel Core i5/i7
  • RAM: A generous 8GB to 32GB
  • Storage: 128GB up to 1TB

Let’s Talk about the Pros and Cons


  • Good power-to-price ratio, perfect for DJing
  • Solid build and elegant design
  • Features a touchscreen for extra flair


  • The cheaper models could leave you craving more storage

Why It Could Be Your Next DJ Laptop

Surface Laptop 4 isn’t just a pretty face; it comes in various configurations to suit your needs. The minimum RAM starts at 8GB, sufficient to run most major DJ software.

Port Situation

While the I/O selection isn’t extensive, you get both USB-C and USB-A ports, as well as a Surface Connect port for added flexibility.

Storage Alert!

Be mindful when choosing your model. The most affordable ones start with just 128GB of storage. For DJs, that space can fill up quickly!

Touchscreen: A Nifty Addition

Although not a must-have for DJs, the touchscreen feature adds a bit of luxury and flexibility to your setup.

Is It the Laptop for You?

With great build quality and plenty of power under the hood, the Surface Laptop 4 is a solid mid-range pick for DJs. But will it find a spot in your DJ booth? That’s for you to decide!

Are you curious about other laptops that can complement your DJing career? Stick around for more!

Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition: The Powerhouse for Advanced Creatives

Best Laptops for DJ Artists

Calling all DJs who love to game, produce music, and create stunning visuals! If you’re looking for a laptop that brings gaming-level power into the DJ booth and creative studio, say hello to the Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition.

Spec Overkill!

  • CPU: Intel Core i7
  • RAM: A whopping 32GB
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Graphics: Nvidia GForce RTX
  • Screen: Crisp 15-inch OLED display

Pros vs. Cons


  • Over-the-top power for virtually any task
  • Studio-level graphics capabilities
  • Abundant 1TB storage


  • It may be overkill for basic DJing tasks

The Power Within

The Razer is renowned for its gaming laptops, and the Blade 15 Studio Edition takes that power into the creative realm. Whether you’re dealing with complex DJ setups, music production, or high-end visual projects, this machine has got you covered.

Gamer Turned Creator

What sets this laptop apart is its ability to serve both gamers and creators. The graphics capabilities are top-tier, ensuring you have a machine capable of anything you throw at it.

Ports & Connectivity

Though the specifics weren’t provided, Razer laptops generally come well-equipped with various ports, catering to different creative setups.

Is It Worth the Price Tag?

Certainly, the power comes with a price, but if you’re a DJ looking for a machine that can multitask like a pro, this might be your dream laptop.


If your DJing demands more than just basic tasks—if you’re juggling between the DJ booth, studio, and gaming, then the Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition offers a powerful, all-in-one solution that’s hard to beat.

Ready to up your DJ game? Stick around for more top picks!

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro: When DJing Meets Ecosystem

Best Laptops for DJ Artists

Are you looking for a laptop that not only supports your DJing needs but also plays nicely with your other gadgets? Samsung Galaxy Book Pro may be your ideal match.

Key Specs at a Glance

  • CPU: Intel Core i5/i7
  • RAM: 8GB-16GB
  • Graphics: Intel Iris XE
  • Storage: 256GB-512GB SSD
  • Screen: 13.3” or 15.6” FHD AMOLED

Pros vs. Cons


  • A diverse range of ports
  • Seamless interaction with Samsung devices


  • Limited storage options
  • On the pricier side

The Samsung Ecosystem Advantage

The Galaxy Book Pro integrates seamlessly with other Samsung devices, making it an excellent choice if you already own a Samsung phone or tablet. This can streamline your setup, especially if you like having everything under one brand.

Flexible Connectivity

This laptop shines when it comes to ports, offering Thunderbolt 4, USB-C, and USB-3 options. Whether you’re connecting to DJ controllers, sound systems, or storage devices, this laptop has you covered.

Expandable Storage, but at a Cost

While onboard storage tops at 512GB, you can expand this via a microSD slot. However, for the price, the storage offering is somewhat limited compared to other options in the same range.

Premium Price Tag

The Galaxy Book Pro is on the more expensive side, potentially costing as much as or more than its Apple counterparts. But what you pay in dollars, you might save in ecosystem convenience.

The Final Note

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro offers a solid performance for DJs with the added benefit of ecosystem integration. If you’re willing to spend more for seamless compatibility and brand loyalty, this laptop should be on your shortlist.

Want to DJ like a Pro? Continue reading for more top recommendations!

BEST DJ LAPTOP: The Ultimate Buying Guide

What makes the perfect DJ laptop? This comprehensive buying guide from MusicRadar has you covered, offering expert insights into what you should look for in a DJ laptop that best suits your needs.

Criteria for the Ideal DJ Laptop

Software Compatibility

The performance of your DJ laptop depends heavily on the software you intend to use. While applications like Serato DJ Pro, Traktor Pro, and Rekordbox DJ are among the most popular, ensure that the system requirements for your software of choice are compatible with your laptop.

The RAM Rule

The general consensus is to aim for a minimum of 8GB RAM, especially when performing live. While most DJ software can run on just 4GB, it’s better to be safe than sorry when you’re on stage.

CPU Concerns

While DJing doesn’t necessarily require a powerful CPU, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra muscle under the hood, especially if you plan on using the laptop for music production as well.

The Importance of Portability

A laptop’s portability and battery life become key considerations if you’re a DJ who frequents bars, clubs, or festivals. You’ll need a machine that’s easy to carry and holds a charge long enough for those on-the-road prep sessions or entertainment needs.

Storage & Connectivity

Need for Speed (and Space)

Streaming may grow in the DJ community, but having an SSD with ample space for high-quality downloaded tracks is crucial.

Port Situation

USB and SD card ports offer a lifeline for additional storage, especially when onboard storage falls short. Additionally, you’ll need at least one port for connecting your DJ controller or other gear.

Plan Ahead

Before hitting that ‘buy’ button, ensure you’ve considered your complete setup. Check that the laptop you’re eyeing has the requisite space and connectivity options to seamlessly integrate into your DJing workflow.

In Conclusion

A DJ laptop is an investment in your art, and this guide aims to help you make an informed decision. Remember, the perfect DJ laptop isn’t necessarily the most powerful one but rather the one that fits seamlessly into your unique DJing setup.

Gear up for the greatest sets of your life with the right laptop by your side!

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