The Ultimate Guide to the Best Quiet Gaming Keyboards in 2023

best quiet gaming keyboards

With gaming becoming a passion for many, the hunt for the best quiet gaming keyboards is growing. Yet, diving into this world is like jumping down a rabbit hole. So many choices! How do you know which ones are genuinely silent? And are the small gaming keyboard types better? Let’s journey together and find out.

SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL

best quiet gaming keyboards

The SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL stands out as one of the best quiet gaming keyboards in 2023. But what’s so special about it?

  • Quiet Yet Responsive: Unlike mechanical beasts, this gem uses silent switches with a rubber-dome base. It’s super soft, but here’s a fun fact. Did you notice that the backspace and enter keys sound a tad louder?
  • Pros:
    • Super quiet
    • Affordable at just $50
    • Comes with a nifty volume rocker
  • Cons:
    • Misses a wrist rest
    • Some find the keys a tad heavy.
    • Stabilizers? They’re okay; it could be better.
  • The Showstopper? It’s waterproof! Spilling your drink during an intense game isn’t a game-ender anymore. And, with its compact design, RGB lighting, and macro editing prowess, it screams perfection for both casual and esports champs.

But with so many features, is it the best quiet gaming keyboard for your needs? Or is there an even better fit lurking in the shadows? Stay tuned as we explore more.

Keychron Q1

best quiet gaming keyboards

Meet the Keychron Q1. It’s a sibling to the Q2, but let’s delve into what makes the Q1 tick in the world of the best quiet gaming keyboards.

  • The Feel & Sound: With its low profile switches, not only do the keys feel amazing, but they’re whisper-quiet. Ever heard of a gasket? The Q1 boasts a premium quiet gasket and a foamed case. Can you imagine a gaming session in sheer silence?
  • Pros:
    • Keys feel divine at a low-profile
    • Stunning RGB
    • Lightning-fast wireless connectivity
  • Cons:
    • Still clinging to a Micro USB port.
    • A bit on the pricey side
  • Dive Deeper: This isn’t just a keyboard. It’s a journey for enthusiasts. The hot-swappable sockets allow for endless customization. Whether you’re a DIY fan or want a pre-built model, the Q1 covers you.

But what about the Q2? How does it compare? And is the Q1 truly the best quiet gaming keyboard out there? Hold onto that thought as we journey further.

G915 TKL Linear

best quiet gaming keyboards

Introducing the G915 TKL Linear, making waves in the best quiet gaming keyboards league.

  • Premium Feel & Silence: Low-profile keys offer a plush feel and maintain a library-like silence. And did we mention its premium quiet gasket?
  • Pros:
    • Key presses that feel like a dream.
    • Vivid RGB display.
    • Ultra-fast wireless response.
  • Cons:
    • Sadly, it is still a Micro USB port.
    • A tad pricey.
  • More Details: The G915 TKL comes with a choice. Linear low-profile, tactile quiet, or the clicky switch. While all are fantastic, want the quietest experience? Linear or tactile is your game. But here’s a heads-up: if you’re the kind to pound those keys, you might hear more.

Considering the G915 TKL? Remember, it’s like the Logitech G915 Lightspeed’s younger sibling. It’s minor but just as mighty and more accessible on the wallet.

Are you curious how it truly stands among the best quiet gaming keyboards? Stay with us. The journey continues.


best quiet gaming keyboards

Say hello to the FNATIC miniSTREAK Silent, a contender for the best quiet gaming keyboards!

  • Silent Warrior: Designed with tranquility in mind, this keyboard doesn’t just say silent; it lives it.
  • Pros:
    • Swift and efficient switches.
    • Dive deep into software customizations.
    • The Silent Red switches? They’re as quiet as whispered secrets.
  • Cons:
    • Keys crafted from ABS plastic.
    • RGB could have shone brighter.
  • Deep Dive: Recognize the FNATIC miniSTREAK name. This is its revamped avatar, arriving with Cherry MX Silent Red or Kailh Speed Silver switches. But if silence is golden to you, choose the Cherry MX Silent Red. They’re the secret sauce for that hush-hush gaming experience: agile, precise, low-latency, and most importantly, virtually soundless.

For those who appreciate mechanical keyboards but seek simplicity without the extra bells and whistles, the FNATIC miniSTREAK Silent might just be your match.

Do you think it could be among your best quiet gaming keyboards? Don’t go yet. There’s more to unveil.

What’s Behind Keyboard Noise?

Ever wondered what makes keyboards so noisy? Let’s uncover this mystery and learn how to make your keyboard one of the best quiet gaming keyboards.


  • What are they? These are the heroes beneath the keys, registering every click.
  • The Noise? Depending on the type, some switches can be noisier. But here’s a hint: choose Silent or Linear Switches for quiet gaming. Need both? Silent Linear switches might be your game-changer.


  • The Silence Tool: Small rings can be added to key stems to muffle the sound.
  • How do they work? They cushion key presses, absorbing vibrations and reducing that ‘clack’ noise.


  • Unseen Protectors: Have you ever noticed larger keys like ‘Space’ or ‘Enter’ not wobbling? Thank stabilizers for that.
  • Noise Culprit? Poor-quality stabilizers can make keys rattle, causing noise. The fix? Lubed stabilizers for that smooth, quiet press.


  • The Contact Point: Every time you press a key, the keycap meets the switch.
  • Sound Dynamics: Thicker keycaps tend to produce softer, low-frequency sounds. Lighter ones? A sharper clink.


  • Materials Matter: Different backplate materials can change the sound. Want it quieter? Opt for plastic or non-metal backplates.
  • Tape Modding? It’s a nifty trick to silence the PCB’s hollow noises. Blue Painter’s Tape is a popular choice.


  • What is it? A cushion between the plate and frame enhances the keyboard’s feel and reduces noise.


  • Echo Chamber: While the case isn’t noisy, it can amplify other sounds. Solution? Foam it up! It can make a noticeable difference, whether it’s high-grade sound-dampening foam or just packing foam.

So, what’s the takeaway? A silent keyboard is not a myth. With the right components and modifications, your keyboard might make it to the list of best quiet gaming keyboards. Eager to know more? Stick around; there’s more to explore!

Decoding a Quiet Gaming Keyboard

Looking for the zen of gaming keyboards? Here’s what you need to understand to attain the perfect balance of silent yet tactile gaming!

Basics First:

Sure, membrane keyboards naturally tiptoe around, being quieter than their mechanical siblings. But here’s a revelation: you don’t have to compromise on the charm of mechanical keyboards, notorious for their clatter. Dive deep into the features to get the best of both worlds!

Critical Features for Silence:

  • Foamed Case: Like a cushioned bed for your keyboard.
  • Quiet Backplate: This goes hand in hand with the case.
  • Low-Profile Keys: Less distance to travel means less noise.
  • Switches:
    • Silent Switches: The ninjas of switches with rubber pads for stealth mode.
    • Linear Switches: Smooth and fast; a silent sprinter.
    • Tactile Switches: A softer version of clicky, but remember, it’s not the quietest kid in the block.
  • Thick Keycaps: Less high-pitched clinks.
  • Gasket Mount: A buffer zone to cut down those thudding sounds.
  • Non-Metal Backplate: Think of this as a quiet foundation.

DIY – The Mod Route:

It’s like tuning a car; starting with one designed for speed (or, in this case, silence) makes it a breeze. But a word to the wise: tinkering may void warranties, so tread carefully!

The Switch Spectrum:

  • Clicky Switches: The rockstars are loud and lively.
  • Dome Switch: This hybrid captures the essence of both membrane and mechanical keyboards. They might promise quite similar to membranes but can be heavy on the pocket, resembling the price tags of mechanical ones.

The Final Say:

When you’re in the market for a quiet gaming keyboard, remember it’s a blend of design and technology. Whether you’re looking for the muted taps of a dome switch or the low hum of a gasket mount, understanding the nuances ensures you get the best fit for your silent gaming sessions!

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