The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming Laptop Under $600 in 2023

Gaming enthusiasts, listen up! You’re about to discover the most value-packed gaming laptop under $600. But wait. Is it possible to snag a high-performance gaming laptop without shelling out thousands? Absolutely! And guess what? Some gaming laptops under $700 offer a bang for a little more buck. Curious about the top contenders? Keep scrolling.

How We Picked The Best Gaming Laptop Under $600

We’re passionate about showcasing only the best. Why? Because you deserve it! And when hunting for that perfect gaming laptop under $600, our approach was thorough and heart-driven.

How did we narrow it down?

  • Tech Specs: We dove deep into CPU performance, RAM, storage, and screen resolution. Overclocking capabilities? You bet we checked that.
  • User Feedback: What’s the word on the street? We listened to real users like you.
  • Value for Money: Price, battery life, and size? All considered.
  • Performance: These laptops aren’t just about looks; they’re powerhouses for gameplay and streaming.

Are you still trying to figure it out? Want a secret tip? The following section might be a game-changer for you. Eager to find out? Keep reading. We promise it’s worth it!

Best Gaming Laptop Under $600 in 2023

Can you feel the anticipation? Here are the top picks that’ll supercharge your gaming without emptying your wallet.

Acer Nitro AN515-43

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming Laptop Under $600 in 2023


  • Overclockable AMD Ryzen 5 3550H processor? Check! Fast speeds ahead.
  • A 15.6-inch screen with ComfyView and Full HD IPS? A beautiful display awaits.
  • The audio and microphone? Get ready for a gaming sound immersion.
  • Memory combo? With 256GB SSD and 8GB DDR4, it’s a power-packed duo.


  • A small setback? Some found the fan a bit noisy.

Have you heard of the Acer Nitro AN515-43? It’s our top choice! Now, imagine this: you’re gaming, with each frame crystal clear on a full HD screen. Overclocking? Ramp it up with the Ryzen 5 3550H processor. And when it comes to storage, 256GB of SSD and 8GB DDR4 ensure smooth gameplay. Plus, a backlit keyboard to set the mood.

But what about the immersive experience? Thanks to MaxxAudio, you’ll feel right in the game. And with connectivity options galore, from USB Type-C to HDMI, you’re all set. Just one little thing: some reported the fan gets a bit noisy. A minor hiccup for such a beast, right? Why settle? Dive into Acer Nitro’s universe. And if not? Keep reading; there’s more in store.

ASUS Vivobook 15

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming Laptop Under $600 in 2023


  • Ryzen 5 3500U processor, overclockable for some actual speed.
  • 15.6-inch with NanoEdge display? An immersive gaming world.
  • On-board Vega 8 graphics and Windows 10? Visuals that’ll stun you.
  • A backlit keyboard and fingerprint sensor? Effortless gaming.


  • A tiny hiccup? The sound might distort at higher volumes.

Welcome to the world of ASUS Vivobook 15! Picture this: A near-borderless display that provides a broad gaming view. And when it’s time to game, the Ryzen 5 3500U processor and Vega 8 graphics ensure smooth gameplay.

Space? With 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD, you’re covered. And that backlit keyboard? It’s not just pretty; it’s ergonomic with fingerprint sensors. Just touch, and you’re in!

But here’s a little inside scoop: while the sound quality is excellent, cranking it up might lead to some distortion. This is a small trade-off, given the powerhouse this laptop is. Ready to level up with ASUS Vivobook? If not, our journey is still ongoing. Stick around!

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming Laptop Under $600 in 2023


  • Ryzen 3 3200U: Overclock to get your game moving fast.
  • 15.6-inch HD widescreen: Dive deep into high-resolution gaming visuals.
  • Memory galore: DDR4 SDRAM for unmatched multitasking and streaming.
  • Connectivity on point: USBs, HDMI, and more!


  • Volume woes: Some users needed to catch up on a louder beat.

Yet another jewel from Acer’s crown! Acer Aspire 5 Slim is where style meets performance. Dive into sharp visuals on its 15.6-inch screen and game lag? It’s almost a myth with the Radeon Vega 3 graphics. But there’s a cherry on top: Ghost Manta Accessories. HDMI cable, USB extension, mouse pad – it’s a whole house!

512GB PCIe SSD? Yep, 15x faster than old-school hard drives. Multitask or stream; the 16GB DDR4 SDRAM is your pal. And don’t fret about running out of juice; it packs in up to 7.5 hours of battery life.

Just a heads-up: Some wished the sound punched higher. But with external accessories, you might dance past that. Feeling the Acer vibe? Grab the Aspire 5 Slim.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming Laptop Under $600 in 2023


  • 10th-generation Intel Core i3: Game on with exhilarating speed.
  • 15.6-inch Full HD: Because every pixel matters in gaming.
  • Intel UHD graphics: From browsing to light gaming, it’s got you.
  • PCIe SSD memory: Supercharge your storage and backups.


  • Going dark? No backlight on the keyboard.

Budget-friendly, yet doesn’t skimp on specs? Say hello to Lenovo IdeaPad 3. Its Intel Core i3 is a powerhouse, making games run smoother than a glide. With 8GB RAM, bid farewell to lags and hangs.

Gaming visuals are a treat on its 15.6-inch HD display, all thanks to Intel’s UHD graphics. And when it’s about storing those massive game files, PCI-e SSD has your back.

But the goodness doesn’t end here. An HD webcam to chat with your fellow gamers and a myriad of ports ensure you’re ever-ready for action. Users lauded its anti-glare screen, providing extended play without the eye strain.

However, the need for a keyboard backlight might be a bummer for some. Can you live with that? If yes, Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is the gear you need.

Acer Swift 3

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming Laptop Under $600 in 2023


  • Ryzen 5 4500U: Zoom through your tasks at 2.3GHz.
  • 14-inch FHD IPS: Compact screen, uncompromised visuals.
  • 8GB RAM: Switch between tasks like a breeze.
  • 512GB PCIe SSD: Room for all your favorites.


  • Backlight blues: Inconsistent keyboard illumination.

Acer, back at it again, seals our list with the Swift 3. This compact powerhouse is every gamer’s lightweight dream, boasting top-tier performance without breaking the bank.

Driven by the Ryzen 5 4500U, it promises seamless gaming and streaming. With a robust 8GB RAM, you’re in for lag-free multitasking. Multiple tabs? Psh, child’s play for the Swift 3.

While it might be a tad smaller at 14 inches, the display still packs a punch with vivid colors and sharpness. And for all those gaming missions? The HD webcam ensures clear communication with your crew.

Users couldn’t help but love its portability and how it effortlessly catered to work and play. However, a few noted some patchy backlighting on the keyboard, but it’s more of a slight hiccup than a dealbreaker.

In the hunt for a lean, mean gaming machine? Acer Swift 3’s got you covered!

Buyer’s Guide: Best Gaming Laptop Under $600

1. CPU: The heartbeat of your laptop. Want speed and performance? Your CPU is the key. Unlike PCs, replacing a laptop CPU is tricky, so go for power from the outset. Need multiple tabs and programs running without a hitch? A top-notch CPU is your answer. And for the enthusiasts out there, peek into its overclocking prowess.

2. Overclocking: Crank up those speeds! Overclocking lets you turbocharge your laptop’s speed, getting closer to PC-like performance, aiming for something over 3GHz. You’re on the right track. Are you investing more in a high-caliber CPU? You might skip this step.

3. Display: Every gamer’s dream? Lush, lag-free visuals. Here’s what to zoom in on when evaluating displays:

  • Resolution: Crystal-clear graphics make the game. With a $600 budget, aim for Full HD – it’s a sweet spot. Are you dreaming of 4K or 5K? They might need deeper pockets.
  • Added Features: Protect those peepers! Look out for tech that ensures a comfortable gaze: Anti-glare tech, ComfyView, or IPS panels. Say goodbye to the eyestrain excuse.
  • Size: More screens equals more fun. At this budget, gun for 15 inches or more. You’ll thank us later.

Remember, gaming on the go means considering portability. Check out the laptop’s weight and thickness, too. Go big on features, but load light!

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