The Ultimate Guide to the 6 Best Vertical Gaming Mice in 2023

Are you struggling with a sore mouse arm after endless hours on your computer? You’re not alone. Did you know there’s a solution that might make all the difference? Enter the vertical gaming mouse.

Why Choose a Vertical Gaming Mouse?

Using a mouse constantly can be painful. So, why not try something different? The vertical gaming mouse promotes a relaxed hand position, potentially reducing the strain you experience with traditional mice. Do they work for everyone? Only sometimes. But those who’ve switched? They can’t stop raving about it. Isn’t it tempting to find out why?

Quick Peek: Best Picks in Vertical Gaming Mice

  • Top Choice: The Logitech MX Vertical stands out. But why is it hailed as the most expensive gaming mouse?
  • For the Gamers: Zlot Vertical Gaming Mouse brings a unique thumbstick.
  • Alternative Pick: Delux Wired Ergonomic Mouse impresses but has its setbacks.
  • Value for Money: Lenovo Go Wireless Vertical Mouse – good looks and year-long battery? Yes, please!
  • Budget Buy: Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse delivers under $30.
  • For the Left-Handed: Logitech Lift Left – a compact version of the top choice with a laid-back vibe.

So, which vertical gaming mouse suits you best? Could the most expensive gaming mouse offer the best experience? Or could a budget option surprise you?


Vertical gaming mice are unique. Why? They cater to two groups: those who love gaming and those who crave ergonomic comfort. Often, these groups don’t mix. So, finding a perfect vertical gaming mouse becomes a thrilling quest.

  • Ergonomic Focus: Designed for comfort. But do they suit gamers?
  • Gaming Mice: Built for precision in games. But are they comfy?

Now, here’s the challenge: genuine gaming-grade vertical mice are scarce. We’ve scoured far and wide to bring you the best picks. Yet, some on our list might lean more towards ergonomics than pure gaming. Why? Simply put, there need to be more dedicated gaming vertical mice to select from.

Are you eager to find out our top choices? Are you hungry to know if a vertical gaming mouse can serve both needs? Well, the journey’s just begun. Stick around, and let’s dive deeper!

LOGITECH MX VERTICAL: A New Dimension in Mice?

The Ultimate Guide to the 6 Best Vertical Gaming Mice in 2023

So, you’re after the ideal vertical gaming mouse? Logitech might have something that’ll catch your eye. Let’s unravel the details:

  • Price: A bit steep at $82.21, but could it be worth it?
  • Features: Five buttons, Bluetooth and USB-C connectivity, and more.
  • Battery: Can you imagine? Four months on a single charge!

Alright, gaming enthusiasts, let’s break it down. The Logitech MX Vertical isn’t just any mouse. At first glance, you’ll notice its unique design. Aimed at promoting a neutral handshake position, it promises reduced wrist strain. But is it all talk and no action?

The design boasts a unique 57-degree angle, a bold claim by Logitech. But how reliable is that angle for ensuring wrist comfort? That’s based on Logitech’s tests, so you should take it with a grain of caution.

However, despite this slight skepticism, denying the sheer comfort is hard. Many hail the MX Vertical as among the most comfortable choices around.

But hold on a minute, gamers. It might not sport the top-notch PixArt sensor you dream of. Yet, its in-built optical sensor, ranging between 400 to 4000 DPI, isn’t a pushover. It’s perfect for those casual gaming nights or strategy-filled sessions. But this might not be your first choice if you’re into high-end FPS games.

But here’s a cliffhanger: The battery life. Four months! It’s incredible and might tip the scales in its favor, especially with its quick charging tech.

Is it gaming-oriented? Not entirely. It’s more for those who blend work and play, giving equal importance to productivity and light gaming.

Are you dying to know more about the rest on our list? Stay tuned! There’s much more to uncover in the world of vertical gaming mice.

ZLOT VERTICAL GAMING MOUSE: Gaming Revolutionized?

The Ultimate Guide to the 6 Best Vertical Gaming Mice in 2023

Dive into the world of vertical gaming mice, and the Zlot instantly stands out. Is it the true game-changer? Let’s see:

  • Price: A modest $29.99. But does it deliver value?
  • Weight: We’re talking 170 grams. Feel the heft!
  • Features: 11 buttons, RGB lighting, and wired connectivity.

For gamers hunting for a genuine vertical gaming experience, Zlot might be a dream come true. Why? It’s equipped with gaming-centric hardware. At its heart is the reputable PixArt sensor. And its unique design? It’s crafted to ensure your wrist gets the royal treatment it deserves.

Now, the cherry on top is the thumbstick. Wait… what? Yep, it’s not your regular analog thumbstick. Instead, it adds a quirky touch with five extra buttons. Are you imagining gaming with it yet? But here’s a twist: the thumb buttons are positioned oddly low. Unexpected? Maybe, but it does wonders for gaming comfort.

But let’s pause for a moment. While the PixArt PMW 3325 sensor is all about precision, its tracking speed may make you raise an eyebrow. Does it affect gameplay drastically? Probably not, especially with its weight in the mix. But if speed is your game, keep this tidbit in mind.

Of course, a gaming mouse in 2023 would only be complete with the dazzling RGB lighting. It’s got that. Plus, you can customize every button to suit your gaming style.

In a world of vertical gaming mice, Zlot confidently claims its spot. It might not be flawless, but it’s hard to overlook for those who crave the vertical experience.

Excited about what’s next? Stick around. We’re just scratching the surface!

DELUX WIRED ERGONOMIC MOUSE: The Giant in Vertical Gaming?

The Ultimate Guide to the 6 Best Vertical Gaming Mice in 2023

You might not expect a behemoth when you think of a vertical mouse. Yet, here comes Delux with its game-changer. What’s the deal?

  • Price: A competitive $37.99. Does it justify its bulk?
  • Weight: A hefty 200 grams. Heavy? You bet.
  • Features: Five buttons, enticing RGB lighting, and wired goodness.

Delux brings to the table a fusion of vertical design and gaming prowess. Ideal for large hands, its size is undeniably its most striking feature. But does bigger mean better?

Imagine a mouse that champions the “handshake grip.” That’s Delux for you. The extended length and unique rear contour aim to provide wrist comfort like never before. And the thumb button placements? Simply intuitive, straying from the gaming mouse norm.

However, let’s stay within its massive dimensions. At almost 6 inches, the Delux is not just large; it’s colossal. It’s a size that could be a challenge for many, especially those without big palms. But with no pesky top button to fuss over, it’s not all bad.

Its star player is the PixArt PAW 3327 sensor. While not top-tier, its performance won’t leave gamers wanting. Fluid tracking, impressive accuracy, and a commendable DPI range make it stand out.

Yet, one cannot ignore its weight. At 200 grams, it’s a veritable Goliath in a world of David-sized gaming mice. Its bulk may demand some adjustment, especially when pitted against its featherweight peers.

To sum it up, the Delux Vertical Gaming Mouse presents a juxtaposition of size and performance. Its sensor shines, but its heft might be its Achilles’ heel. This could be it if you’re up for a unique gaming experience. But are you ready to handle its might? Stay tuned as we delve deeper!

LENOVO GO WIRELESS VERTICAL MOUSE: A Blend of Comfort, Aesthetics, and Economy?

The Ultimate Guide to the 6 Best Vertical Gaming Mice in 2023

Are you hunting for the sweet spot of price, performance, and aesthetics in a vertical mouse? Lenovo claims to offer just that.

  • Price: $45.86 – mid-tier, but what do you get for that?
  • Weight: A feather-light 96 grams. Will that make a difference?
  • Features: Six buttons, wireless connectivity, and a one-year battery life.

Lenovo ventures into the vertical mouse space, presenting an intriguing blend of form and function. With the Go Wireless Vertical Mouse, they’re betting on comfort and a distinct style. But does it deliver?

Lenovo’s incorporation of cork stands out – a nod to sustainable choices and a dash of earthy charm. Are you worried about its durability? With a liquid- and UV-resistant coating, this mouse isn’t just about looking good; it’s built to last.

At 96 grams (sans AA battery), it’s one of the lightest contenders in the vertical mouse realm. But once you slot in a battery, the weight jumps to 119 grams. Still, it remains a lightweight option compared to many others.

Now, the gaming fans might ask, “Can it game?” Well, yes and no. Despite sporting a PixArt sensor, Lenovo’s Go is not laser-focused on gamers. Think casual and relaxed gaming sessions, but FPS junkies might want to look elsewhere due to its modest polling rate and DPI constraints.

One of its trump cards? Battery life. A commendable 12-month runtime on a single AA battery. Sure, an inbuilt rechargeable battery might have been an elegant touch, but the longevity of this one is hard to knock, especially when you can swap in a rechargeable AA.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The glaring omission of Bluetooth might raise some eyebrows. Yes, 2.4 GHz is often the superior choice for lag-free performance, but the versatility of Bluetooth can’t be ignored, especially for on-the-go users.

In conclusion, while the Lenovo Go Wireless Vertical Mouse might not claim the throne, it makes a compelling pitch. An eco-friendly design, with its ergonomic comfort and long-lasting battery, emerges as an enticing pick for those who are budget-conscious yet unwilling to compromise style.

ANKER 2.4G WIRELESS VERTICAL MOUSE: A Penny Saved is Comfort Earned?

Are you on a budget but still want ergonomic comfort? Anker might have the answer.

  • Price: Less than $30. A tempting proposition, but what corners were cut?
  • Weight: Featherweight at 95 grams. Does it feel quality, though?
  • Features: Six buttons, wireless connectivity, and … a mystery battery life?

Anker wades into the vertical mouse sector, targeting value-focused users. The result? A straightforward vertical mouse that’s friendly on the pocket.

The design of the Anker mouse is vanilla. Medium-sized, it bears the standard vertical mouse silhouette. Notably, it includes two thumb buttons with an extra top. While the thumb buttons seem reasonably accessible, the top button might be a stretch, given the mouse’s three-inch stature.

When it comes to hardware, expectations should be tempered. Equipped with an unspecified optical sensor and a DPI range capped at 1600, the Anker mouse clearly prioritizes function over finesse. Its lack of adjustable sensitivity might be a deal-breaker for some, but for general desktop usage, it’s serviceable, especially considering its price bracket.

Are you thinking of gaming with it? Perhaps reconsider. Its sensor might suffice for leisurely gaming, but expecting it to handle intense FPS sessions is akin to wishing for a snowstorm in the Sahara. Investing in specialized gaming mice might be prudent for competitive or fast-paced gaming.

Yet, it’s not all about the games. The Anker’s selling point is its budget-friendly wireless vertical mouse experience offering. It’s tailored for those who want ergonomic relief without breaking the bank. Interestingly, Anker also markets a wired variant – curiously priced higher than its wireless counterpart. Unless a wired connection is non-negotiable, the 2.4 GHz iteration seems the wiser choice.

To sum up, the Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse isn’t the belle of the ball. But if you’re pinching pennies and seeking a wireless vertical mouse mainly for productivity, Anker’s proposition is hard to dismiss.

LOGITECH LIFT LEFT: The Southpaw’s Savior in the Vertical Mouse Arena?

  • Price: $68.59. Reasonable for a niche offering.
  • Weight: Middleweight at 125 grams. A balanced heft?
  • Features: Extended battery life, versatile connectivity, and… exclusively for lefties?

Regarding the vertical mouse landscape, left-handers often find themselves on the sideline. Enter the Logitech Lift Left, a thoughtful nod to the often-overlooked lefties.

Visually, the Lift looks like the MX Vertical’s younger sibling: compact and designed for those with smaller to medium hands. However, the design doesn’t restrict larger hands from jumping on the ergonomic bandwagon. The price point seems justified even with the trimmed-down aesthetics, especially considering its brand pedigree.

Logitech integrates its Advanced Optical Tracking sensor. With a DPI range spanning 400 to 4000, it might not be in the elite PixArt league, but it’s no slouch. It offers smooth tracking and accuracy. Yet, while the sensor might be competent, the Lift doesn’t necessarily shine as a dedicated vertical gaming mouse.

Gamers note that if you’re immersed in a leisurely game of Civilization, the Lift Left will hold its own. But if your gaming appetite leans towards precision-driven competitive titles, something other than this might be your weapon of choice, especially given its 125 Hz polling rate and 125-gram weight.

One area where the Lift Left shines unreservedly is its battery life. Running on a singular AA battery, it boasts an impressive 24-month lifespan – a duration that trumps many of its contemporaries.

Summing up, the Logitech Lift and Lift Left are more than just ergonomic offerings; they’re a testament to inclusive design. Delivering commendable comfort, a competent sensor, and an enviable battery life, their sub-$70 price tag adds the cherry on top, positioning them as top contenders in the vertical mouse market.

Oh, and a bonus? While the Lift Left struts solely in Graphite, its right-handed counterpart spices things up with White and Rose hues.

THE VERTICAL MOUSE DEBATE: A Dive into Ergonomics, Gaming, and More

  • Introduction: Vertical mice offer a departure from the traditional mouse we’re all used to. But are they the ergonomic heroes they’re touted to be?

The Vertical Mouse Pitch

1. Natural Wrist Position: Supporters rave about the “natural handshake position” a vertical mouse promotes. The posture purportedly reduces wrist and forearm tension, providing a comfier user experience.

2. Medical Research on Vertical Mice: The science is mixed. While a 2013 study from Brazil and another from 2015 found merits like reduced pronation and muscle issues, others could be more affirmative. For instance, 2014 research saw less ulnar deviation but no help for carpal tunnel syndrome. A 2022 Spanish paper found no significant muscle activity differences between mouse types.

The prevailing message? Ergonomics may be a matter of individual preference. There’s no universal “better” choice.

1. Weighty Issue: Vertical mice’s heftiness is one major downside. While some are around a reasonable 100 grams, others tip the scales near 200 grams. Such bulk can cause wrist strain, nullifying the ergonomic benefits.

2. Adaptation Period: Switching to vertical isn’t instant magic. Pointing precision and accuracy can initially falter. Some users need to adjust, making it a potentially costly experiment truly.

gaming with a Vertical Tilt

Can you game on a vertical mouse? Technically, yes. But should you? The answer’s murkier. The atypical shape and weight can impede accuracy, throwing off muscle memory.

A vertical mouse may house an impeccable PixArt sensor, but it might not elevate your Fortnite or Apex Legends prowess.

However, a dual-mouse setup could be the ticket for the dedicated gamer craving ergonomic relief: a nimble gaming mouse for intense sessions and a vertical counterpart for casual internet trawls or work. If ergonomics is the endgame, a wrist rest might be a simpler solution, offering a soft base during those intense gaming bouts.

For those leaning towards strategy games or RPGs, a vertical mouse might seamlessly blend work and leisure use. But as with any tool, it’s crucial to try before fully committing.

Conclusion: The vertical mouse debate underscores a fundamental point: One size doesn’t fit all. It’s about understanding your needs preferences, and being open to experimentation. The potential benefits are undeniable, but so are the pitfalls. It’s your move, dear reader.


The world of vertical gaming mice is vast and varied. Whether you choose the most expensive gaming mouse or go for value, finding what fits you best is essential. After all, in gaming, comfort and precision are king. Ready to make your choice?

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