Laptop buying guide for Gaming: Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular video game today the gameplay has two modes which are vastly different from each other. Fortnite draws most of its performance from the GPU however it also utilizes CPU to a great extent and is able to take advantage of multiple cores especially during a heavy combat situation. Therefore you should focus a little more on GPU but you should also focus on CPU that is decent enough we recommend anything equal to that of or greater than i5 8th gen or Ryzen 5.

You can practically play this game on a laptop with an integrated graphics card. This means that you don’t a powerful system to play this game you don’t need high-end specs and practically anyone can play it which is quite impressive. However, if what to play it in the high setting, you are going to need a lot some horsepower.

The game is loosely based on shooting and looting in a post-apocalyptic world following are the two modes:-

  1. Save the World: Save the World is the original Fortnite mode. In it, you can team up with three other players to complete missions. As you play through missions, you can earn in-game items and experience, which will help you build your home base. 
  2. Battle Royale: The Player Vs. Player/Battle Royale is very popular and is free to play. Here you along with 99 other players battle to the death. You can choose to play either as a solo, or a team of two, three, or four players.

Hardware Spec Requirements and Recommendations for Fortnite

You don’t need an extremely powerful laptop to play Fortnite as both of these modes even though very different from each other are very well optimized. 

Recommended Spec Requirements:

Processor: 8th Gen Intel Core i5 8300H

Memory: 8 GB RAM

GPU: GTX 1650

Minimum Spec Requirements:

Processor: Core i3 2.4 GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Intel HD 4000

CPU Spec Recommendation for Fortnite

Fortnite doest really need an extremely powerful CPU for good gaming experience and what you really need is a decent Quad-Core processor.

  • If you are planning to game at HD(1080p)/UHD(1440p) settings and want 60+ FPS we recommend going anything equal to 8th Generation i5 8250U/ Ryzen 5 2500U or Above.
  • On the other hand, if you are planning to game at 4k you are going to need a lot more performance and we recommend going for an 8th Generation i7 8750H or above.  

GPU Spec Recommendation for Fortnite 

Fortnite doesn’t really need a powerful graphics card to Run on low settings however if you are planning to play at Epic settings you are going to need a relatively powerful GPU at the Helm.

What do you need for 60 fps

If you are planning to play at 1080p, we recommend going for a GTX 1650.

If you are planning to play at 1440p, we recommend going for an RTX 2060.

If you are planning to play at 4k, we recommend going for an RTX 2080.

How much RAM do i need to play Fortnite

You don’t need a lot of RAM to play Fortnite in low settings at 1080p then you don’t really need a lot of RAM. You can in fact run Fortnite even with 4 GB given that you have everything closed in the background however we don’t recommend this. We recommend going for at least 8 GB RAM if you are planning to play at 1080p with epic settings. Now if you are planning to go for anything higher we recommend you go for 16 GB of RAM for a smooth experience.

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