12th Gen Intel Core i7 1270P

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  • iGPU: Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 96EUs
  • Boost/Base Clock: 3.5 (E-Cores), 4.8GHz (P-Core) / 1.6GHz (E-Cores), 2.2GHz (P-Cores)
  • Core/Thread Count: 12 Core / 16 Thread
  • Cache: 1.1 MB of level 1 cache + 21MB of level 2 cache + 21MB of L3 Cache
  • TDP: 28 Watts
  • CPU Socket: BGA1700
  • CPU Transistor size: 10 Nanometers
  • CPU Series: Alder Lake
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    Last updated on January 6, 2022 6:02 AM
    12th Gen Intel Core i7 1270P
    12th Gen Intel Core i7 1270P


    12th Gen Intel Core i7 1270P | Review

    Launched in January of 2022, 12th Gen Intel Core i7 1270P is a High-end processor for laptops powered by 4 performance cores with 8 threads and 8 efficiency cores with 8 threads. The performance cores have a base clock of 2.2 GHz and a boost clock of 4.8 GHz the efficiency cores, on the other hand, have a base clock of 1.6GHz and a boost clock of 3.5GHz. The i7 1270P is based on Intel’s 10 nm architecture with this the 12th Gen CPUs see an average IPC gain of 19 percent the higher IPC allows the Alder lake CPUs more performance at the same clock speed. The TDP of this Chip as specified by intel is 28 watts and can go up to 64 Watts. It also has support for new faster DDR5 memory of up to  4800MHz and low power LPDDR5 5200MHz while also supporting DDR4 memory of up to 3200MHz and low power LPDDR4X 4267MHz. Other Key Features Include Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 96EUs and support for USB 4 (40Gbps).

    Additional information

    Specification: 12th Gen Intel Core i7 1270P


    Processor/CPU Model

    CPU Base Clock

    1.6GHz (E-Cores), 2.2GHz (P-Cores)

    CPU Boost Clock

    3.5 (E-Cores), 4.8GHz (P-Core)

    CPU Core Count

    12 Core

    Level 1 Cache

    1.1 MB

    Level 2 Cache


    L3 Cache/SLC

    21MB of L3 Cache


    28 Watts

    CPU Thread Count

    16 Thread

    CPU Generation


    Processor’s Series

    Alder Lake


    Transistor size

    RAM Speed

    , , ,

    CPU Benchmarks
    Cinebench R23 (Multi-Core)


    Cinebench R23 (Single-Core)


    GPU Specs

    iGPU Model

    Other Specs
    Operating System



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