CPU Ranking 2022 | Cinebench R23 (Single Core)

CPU Ranking

What is Cinebench R23?

Cinebench R23 is one of the most popular synthetic benchmarking software used to test a CPU performance, based on Cinema 4D which is a 3D modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering software solution for professionals. Cinebench R23 benchmark renders an image using Cinema 4D’s engine to measure and score the performance of a CPU while executing a real-life 3D task and is a great way to find out the best CPU for workloads such as 3D Modeling and Animation and Video Editing.

Cinebench R23 vs. R20

Cinebench R23 similar to its R20 counterpart supports the AVX instruction set the only difference here is Cinebench R23 benchmark now supports Apple’s M1 chips. That being said scores of Cinebench R23 and R20 are not always comparable.

Cinebench R23 Single Core Benchmark Scores

Based on cinema 4d the Cinebench R23 single-core measures performance measures the responsiveness of the software under active workloads.


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